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Senior Account Executive - Spirits & Lifestyle


3-4 years solid PR, events and media relations experience - spirits background preferred.



The candidate must be a self-starter with extensive solid media  relations (3-4 years) and excellent account management skills.    

The candidate will be leading on the Rémy Martin business and we are looking to groom this team member to eventually lead the spirits team which consists of other spirits brands and categories 


MEDIA RELATIONS  (This is the most important part of this role)

  • Must have strong media contacts - specifically spirits/lifestyle writers.
  • Demonstrate strong press skills to other team members and provide strong counsel to junior members of staff with their pitching to media.
  • Be knowledgeable on a wide range of US broadcast, print and electronic media and the different requirements of national, lifestyle and regional media.
  • Continue to develop relationships with media across a number of sectors
  • Set an example and deliver strategic ‘landmark’ coverage for clients.
  • Offer advice to clients and junior team on how various campaign mechanics can be pitched to various media, successfully reaching your client’s target audiences.
  • Effectively manage core coverage campaigns such as celebrity interviews and feature placements 
  • Read associated media regularly and understand how their agenda can be used and applied to your client campaigns – encourage your team to consume the media and develop a real passion for news/editorial.



  • Understand the dynamics of the client/agency relationship In association with your line managers, ensure strong presence and ownership at client meetings – managing activity with confidence and authority 
  • Build strong relationships with the client.
  • Show impeccable attention to detail in all dealings with the client – including sending emails and telephone discussions.
  • Show a full understanding of the nature of your clients’ business activities.
  • Drive a client’s campaign forward.
  • Budget Management Draft budgets for client campaigns.
  • Run campaigns on budget.


  • Run client campaigns on time and to the highest quality – delivering the best possible results. Be responsible for the day-to-day running of client campaigns and supervising your team. You will be regarded as one of the main points of contact for your clients.
  • Respond to new briefs from your clients, in collaboration with your line managers.
  • Be pro-active and show creativity on a campaign – think of new ideas and ways to contribute to the overall success of a campaign.
  • Demonstrate a creative and lateral approach to problems and present solutions to your line managers 
  • Achieve an understanding of related industries and their impact on your client’s business and how it translates into a public relations campaign.
  • Produce and plan specific areas of a client’s campaign responding to briefs given by your line managers Produce high written materials to deadline - proficiency is expected in all areas of writing including briefs and plans.


  • Take responsibility for ensuring all work produced by you and your team is done in a timely manner and is produced to highest possible standard.
  • Share examples of great PR you see in the press with the team to inspire them.
  • Work with your line managers to ensure realistic setting of team and client deadlines – in order to ensure appropriate working hours and avoiding team pressure.
  • Manage and communicate within your team ensuring that your line manager is kept in the loop and assigned activity when appropriate Understand when to raise issues and concerns both on a team and clients Recommend your colleagues for great work, help and team work.
  • Be enthusiastic and motivated, with a commitment to achieving high standards in your work