Communications and marketing AGENCY OF RECORD

The 5th Column is the agency of record for HAOMA - a prestige, genderless, clean beauty brand exploring the deep connection between humans and plants.  

Inspired by the mystery and power of its namesake plant, HAOMA stands apart with a unique approach that blends both art and science.

The 5th Column was tasked with launching the brand and their skincare series - the introductory line being dedicated to Cannabis Sativa. Since its launch in November 2019, our agency has secured media appointments and coverage in New York Magazine “The Cut”, ELLE, Forbes, GQ, L'Officiel, Paper Magazine, Purewow, Town & Country, Vanity Fair, The Zoe Report and more.

5C works with HAOMA on across media relations, creative campaigns, influencer marketing, events, brand partnerships and more working to grow and expand the brand in the United States and globally. Secured influencers include Hari Nef,  Hannah Bronfman, Chelsea Leyland, Jazmine Grace Grimaldi, Colin Cowie, Andrew Fitzimons, Patrick Janelle, Nausheen Shah, Selma Blair, Carson Kressley, Joseph Sikora and more.

Despite the fact that weed is now publicly traded on NASDAQ and CBD has flooded the shelves at TJ Maxx, believe it or not, blazing has...actually never been better? Why, you ask? The gear! Haoma Soothing CBD Eye Cream, this new boutique CBD skincare line is lightweight, absorbs effortlessly, and is packed with essential oils and anti-inflammatory terpenes like amalaki, calendula, turmeric, cardamom, and neem.

I get that the properties of CBD can help calm inflammation, but when it comes to its other benefits in skin care, I’m skeptical. That said, I do love using this cleansing gel, though I’m not sure it’s the calming properties of the cannabinoids in the formula that have lured me as much as the divine blend of shea butter, sweet almond oil, rosa centifolia, and chamomile flower oil.

At this moment in the beauty-trend sin curve, it would be quite possible to marinate in CBD potions from head to toe: a skin-soothing serum by Superflower; a magnesium-rich bath soak from natureofthings; Wary Meyers' lip salves with their A+ graphics. One new launch that is taking up shelf space in my tiny bathroom is Haoma, an Austin-based CBD line that covers quite a lot of ground—from temple balm to cleansing balm to an ultra-replenishing body cream that is nobly fending off the blasts of my overactive radiator.

HAOMA creates skincare that is universal, unifying and unisex. Its products are made with the intention of enhancing human connection with nature. Its makers believe that plants hold "the transformative ability to heal and nourish the human body, mind and spirit." And in doing so, the team finds a bottomless well of inspiration and innovation from the use of adaptogenic plant ingredients as well as healing modalities. Haoma's proprietary ingredient, Spiritus Vitae, is at the very core of the label's DNA.

Like many people, sleep evades me when I’m under high stress, the time I need it the most. But I have come to find that natural sleep remedies, whether they’re routines or supplements, have helped me a lot during times when self-doubt and worries creep in before I shut my eyes. Even in the warmer months, Dr. McClellan suggests a hot bath, which can reduce stress. Add a bath bomb, and top your skin off with CBD-infused lotions, such as Haoma’s Night Cream, to lock in the moisture and muscle relaxation.