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The 5th Column served as AOR for The Dalmore Whisky for three years. The agency handled all press trips, master distiller market visits, product launches and collaborations.

5C is most proud to have conceptualized and executed a partnership with World’s Best Chef Massimo Bottura that actualized into The Dalmore L’Anima Aged 49 Years. This was Massimo Bottura’s first ever spirits collaboration. The agency negotiated the partnership, oversaw content creation and production, handled press launch and media relations and produced the launch event.

The one time only bottling was auctioned at Sotheby’s in Spring 2019 with proceeds benefiting Bottura’s charity, Food For Soul. To celebrate this partnership, The Dalmore’s Master Distiller Richard Paterson & Massimo Bottura hosted a 30 person dinner attended by high profile media and influencers including BBC, Bloomberg, CNN Business, Departures, Forbes, Fortune, Fox, Maxim, T Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, and more in the evening. Guests were treated to a 6-course whisky paired dinner and a white glove service tasting of The Dalmore L’Anima Aged 49 Years led by Paterson.

Finding that perfect gift for friends and family can prove to be a difficult task. But for those of us that imbibe (in moderation, of course), a nice bottle of booze is a classy and pleasing way to go. There are so many different options available in all categories of spirits—tequila, rum, cognac, and whiskey (and whisky) from around the world. From limited releases to special packaging to a new expression from a storied distillery, there’s something to please everyone’s palate.

As we inch into autumn, Scotch season is upon us. Not that fans of single malt ever really take the summer off from enjoying a dram of their favorites, but something about the chill in the air and the increased reliance on richer, often more assertively spiced foods make this time of year seem particularly well-suited to indulging in the best that Scotland has to offer.

If you thought your home bar cart was well-stocked, think again. To be more specific: Think again, and then get ready to invest some serious cash into some of the best scotch whisky on the planet. The Dalmore, the revered Highlands producer of incredible Scotch whisky, just debuted The Dalmore Rare & Aged, a trio of out-of-this-world spirits with a price tag to match (try a $30,000 value for all three).

No ordinary debut, this release is meant to celebrate a new chapter in the company’s 180-year history. As with its other special and rare releases, the Dalmore commissioned custom crystal decanters with polished silver stoppers. Each bottle comes housed within a hand-crafted, sycamore case lined with quilted leather. With a whisky this old, a significant portion of the liquid had been lost to the angel’s share, so just 51 decanters of the 51 Year Old were made.

For half a century, Richard Paterson has worked for a single scotch company, Whyte & Mackay, serving as master blender since 1975. He’s a legendary figure in the scotch world, called “The Nose” for his palate prowess, and celebrated for his showy presentation style, which often includes throwing the contents of a glass of whisky—even very expensive stuff—on the floor to ensure that the glass is clean. His larger-than-life personality has graced many a WhiskyFest, and he has almost singlehandedly made Dalmore—the jewel of Whyte & Mackay’s portfolio—one of the most collectible whiskies in the world.